KEN Quality Assurance concept

Quality assurance of disinfecting washes at CSSDs and in sluice rooms

The preconditions for a satisfactory wash

In actual fact, only quite a few things have to be in order for a disinfecting wash at the hospital to function satisfactorily and to ensure clean, bacteria-free instruments for the subsequent process. Washing nozzles and filters must be clean. The washing arms must rotate. The machine must take in the necessary detergents, and there must be preventive service.

The content of the concept

The system is extremely simple and consists of a general description (Procedure) along with a number of documents that partially function as check lists, and partly as documentation that certain things have been carried out.

Download the documents free!

The necessary documents can be downloaded free of charge.
The documents are in Excel and Word and can be used as they are or be adapted to the specific requirements of the hospital.

Use and possible certification

The Quality concept can be used on all types of machines, no matter the brand. The concept will eventually also be able to be included in the basis for an eventual certification of the hospital or the department.

More information

Contact our Sales Department for further information. We can always arrange a visit to discuss the possibilities of the system. Also contact our Sales Department for information about preventive quality inspection.

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KEN Quality Assurance concept

A simple, user-friendly system that ensures the quality of the disinfecting wash. Download KEN’s presentation of system documents.