Efficient all-in solutions for hospitals

KEN Hygiene Systems does not only supply a machine. We supply an all-in solution that meets hygiene requirements and is tailored to the individual needs of the departments.

Hospital hygiene

Hospital infections are the cause of many extra days of in-patient stay and thus an economic burden on society.

In collaboration with the hospital hygiene group and users, KEN’s sales consultants will help you find the optimum solution that is tailored to the actual needs of the department.

Examples of KEN’s expert knowledge and services in maintaining optimum hospital hygiene and a good work environment includes counselling and product choice regarding:

  • Sterile centres
  • Storing and drying closets
  • Clinics for out-patients
  • Storing & drying closets on wards
  • Casualty wards
  • Laboratories

Ergonomics and environment

KEN Hygiene Systems’ washer disinfectors have been developed to ensure optimum ergonomics and the lowest possible consumption of water, energy and chemicals.

Choosing a KEN solution means you will fulfil all hygiene and user-friendliness requirements, which in turn will avoid negative impact on the environment.

Get help in choosing the right product

KEN Hygiene Systems experienced staff will gladly help you find the right product.

Efficient products developed for your line of business

We offer a complete range of products. See an overview tailored to your particular area

Counselling and services

KEN Hygiene Systems can assist you with more than just choosing the right product. We also give advice about:

KEN Quality Assurance concept

A simple, user-friendly system that ensures the quality of the disinfecting wash. Download KEN’s presentation of system documents.