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KEN Hygiene Systems A/S is an innovative company with over 75 years of experience within the development, production, sales and servicing of disinfecting washers, bedpan washers and laboratory washers as well as dishwashers for industrial kitchens and washers for the food industry. We offer a wide range of standard solutions and can also provide special solutions to meet individual requirements.

Today, KEN Hygiene Systems has a leading position on the Scandinavian market with its own sales companies in Sweden and Norway. Most of production goes to our export markets via an extensive network of dealers. Apart from trading with a number of European markets, KEN also exports to a number of Middle East countries as well as to overseas markets in South America and the Far East.

Our machines meet all relevant EU directives, such as the "Medical Device Directive" and the "Machinery Directive", and our Quality and Environmental Management System has gained certification in relation to EN ISO 9001: 2008, En ISO 13485: 2003 and EN ISO 14001: 2004. Read more about KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS´ certification.

KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS is a member of several associations and & groups:

Dansk Industri

Danish Export Marketing Group
FSTA - sygehusmaskinmestre
Dansk Eksportforening

Welfare Tech Region

Knæk cancer

Bro mellem Als og Fyn
KEN indtager en væsentlig rolle i den syddanske region, og vi støtter aktivt op omkring initiativer, der kan gavne regionen og dens udvikling.
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KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS A/S is situated in the idyllic heart of Funen in Brobyværk. Find out how to get there via Google Maps.