KEN Process Solutions

Model Characteristics Washing capacity/volume Dimensions, w x d x h
CC 1200 Washer for food containers Wash chamber appr. 3.040 liters 215 x 190 x 330/435 cm
EW 1200 Washing of a large variety of trolleys Approx. 3040/liter or 4400/liter 1300 x 1400 x 2200 mm
EWD 5000 Equipment washer disinfector Wash chamber 6,2m3 244,7 x 265 x 266cm
EWD-25/50 Universal washer for the food industry Wash chamber appr. 2,5/5,0 m3 171/273 x 139 x 227 cm
HC 948 Washer for scales Wash chamber appr. 1.060 liters 100 x 100 x 208 cm
TC 910 Washer for catering trolleys Wash chamber appr. 1.080 liters 190 x 215 x 190/290 cm

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