The flexible machine with considerable capacity

KEN IWD 521 is particularly suitable for use in sterile centres as well as in surgical and anaesthetic wards, where there is a high quality, capacity, flexibility and full process documentation requirement.

KEN IWD 521 can wash at up to 5 levels and is available both as a pass-through machines and with one door. The pass-through model ensures effective separation of an unclean and clean side, thus optimising the level of hygiene and reducing the risk of hospital infections.


  • Computerised monitoring for always correct inside and outside washing and disinfection
  • Washing of instruments at up to 6 levels at the same time
  • Large capacity - up to 1,300 instruments an hour
  • User-friendly and ergonomically correct front operation
  • Front display in plain language
  • Low noise level
  • Low consumption of energy and chemicals - environmentally friendly and economical
  • Mimimum of maintenance and servicing
  • Possibility of re-programming on the spot as well as the addition of new programmes
  • Possible connection to external printer for optimum process documentation
  • Glass doors of thermoglass and light in the wash chamber

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Number of washing levels 6
Låger Termoglas
Capacity, baskets 12 DIN-baskets 480 x 250 mm
Capacity, instruments 800 scissors/peang forceps per run
Programme time, standard programme 30 - 55 mins. excl. drying
Power connection (standard) 3 x 400 V,N,J, 50Hz
Connected load/initial fuse 10,6kW/16A
Water connection Cold untreated water: 1 pcs., ¾” RG, 5-30 gr.C, 0-30°dH
Water connection Hot soft water: 1 pcs., ¾” RG, 30-70 gr.C, 0-3 gr.dH
Water connection Demin. water: (Extra) 1 pcs., ¾” RG 5-70 gr.C
Outlet Ø 50 mm
Water pressure 200-800 kPa
Amount of water (approx.) per intake 18 l
Dosage of soap/rinse aid Standard
Dosage of instrument lubricant/acid Extra
Measurements wash chamber W x D x H: 640 x 640 x 645 mm
Pump capacity 600 l/min


The machine has built-in KEN Quality control for optimum reliability. It demands a quality assurance check every 24 hours. The construction is service-friendly, with easy access to all components. All KEN machines conform to present EU Directives, and all hospital machines have been constructed on the basis of EN ISO 15883, including, for example, the testing of its cleaning capacity according to SIS-TR 3:2001 (formerly SPRI).
You can also read bout KEN´s Internet-based Quality assurance concept at
In addition, KEN offers subsequent Hospital service on tel. +45 70 10 20 92:

  • Preventive maintencance
  • Service subscription or Total Service
  • Quick emergency service in the event of shutdown


Below are examples of accessories/equipment for this machine. Look for equipment with the aid of the equipment selector below, or contact KEN for information about further possible equipment, including customised special solutions.

Item no.: 8300277
Manual loading trolley - compatible with IWD 521
Item no.: 8300336
Trolley for anaesthesia equipment
Item no.: 8300274
Universal connector with spring
Item no.: 8300333
Electrical loading trolley - compatible with IWD 521
Item no.: PS sag
Trolley for sterile containers
Item no.: 8300438
Trolley complete for 36 tubular instruments

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