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IQ 5 - Intelligent disinfection

Intelligent washer disinfector with the lowest consumption

Proven performance, reliability and space saving design for CSSDs.
With its small footprint and the shortest cycle times, IQ 5 is a superior washer disinfector
for CSSDs.
The IQ series is compatible with the traceability software systems used in CSSDs and makes batch logging an easy, automated and secure task.
Side by side installation and compact efficiency reduces the space needed and increases productivity in a smaller space. Thanks to the user-friendly, intuitive and graphic screens staff is able to monitor the progress of the washing cycles thus ensuring an optimal use of resources.
The IQ series even allows robotic loading and unloading, hereby reducing heavy lifting and improves the working environment inside the CSSD. These features facilitate management and planning of daily activities.


  • Sliding doors
    with unique features
  • 34 minutes validated program incl. drying
  • Lowest carbon footprint
  • Remote service
  • Graphical touch screen with swipe
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Hygienic and user-friendly surfaces
  • Side by side installation without space

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Power supply 3x400V + N + PE 50/60 Hz 10-13 kW, 20A
Water connections 2 x 3/4”RG (3rd x 3/4” RG is optional)
Cold water pressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15 l/min, temp. 5-30°C, hardness 0-30° dH
Hot water pressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15 l/min, temp. 30-70°C, hardness 0-3° dH
Demineralized/RO water pressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15 l/min, temp. 5-70°C,
conductivity 0-200 μS
Drain ø50 mm
Water consumption per phase Approx. 12-15 ltr (5 level basket)
Air volumen for blower (referring to spec. sheet) Max. 210 m3/hour, ø 100mm
Filtration Class H14 according to DS EN 1822 (99,95%)
Wash pump 0.73 kW 50 Hz
Dimension wash chamber H:740 x W:550 x D:630 mm
Outer dimensions H:1985 x W:662 x D:787mm
Sound pressure level according to ISO 11204 Washing 53.0 dB(A) Drying 55.0 dB(A)


  • Preventive maintencance
  • Service subscription or Total Service
  • Quick emergency service in the event of shutdown


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