Efficient ultrasound wash of tubular instruments

Efficient pre-treatment of in particular tubular instruments is important for the quality of the subsequent wash, disinfection and sterilisation.

With the "Quick-Click" system it is possible to attach up to 12 tubular instruments to the wash insert, which is then placed in the ultrasound washer. When the cleaning process is complete in USC 5, the insert can simply be transferred to one of KEN´s washers. This avoids wasting time reloading.

KEN USC 5 is based on a unique combination of pulsing wash and ultrasound, which means the instruments are efficiently and gently cleaned.


  • Ultrasound washer with pulsing wash - particularly effective, with high productivity
  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • KEN insert system - minimising handling
  • Quick-Click system forl 12 tubular instruments
  • Independent process monitoring (EN/ISO 15883)
  • Easy installation
  • Able to have printer connected for optimum process documentation
  • Able to have computer connected for collection of data

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Programme time Approx. ?? mins.
Water consumption Programme 1: approx. 75 l Programme 2: approx. 50 l
Power connection 1 x 230 V,J, 50Hz
Connected load/initial fuse 0.8kW/13A
Water connection Cold: 1 pcs., ¾” RG, 5-25 °C, 0-11°dH Hot: 1 pcs., ¾” RG, 55-75 °C, 0-11°dH
Water pressure 150-250 kPa
Outlet Built-in outlet valve, connecting piece Ø 18, 2% fall towards outlet
Measurements wash chamber W x D x H: 65 x 29 x 15 mm
Weight Nett approx. 38 kg Incl. packaging approx. 60 kg


The construction is service-friendly, with easy access to all components. All KEN machines conform to present EU Directives, and all hospital machines have been constructed on the basis of EN ISO 15883.

You can also read bout KEN´s Internet-based Quality assurance concept at
In addition, KEN offers subsequent Hospital service on tel. +45 70 10 20 92:

  • Preventive maintencance
  • Service subscription or Total Service
  • Quick emergency service in the event of shutdown


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