KEN CWD 5000

KEN CWD 5000 washer disinfector for carts and containers

Washing, disinfection and drying all in one, with very economical operating costs

KEN CWD5000 has been constructed with innovative and superior technology to disinfect medical products in class IIa. Cleaning, disinfection and drying of instruments e.g. sterile containers with lids, instrument baskets with utensils, wirebaskets and other equipment like shoes, trolleys, kidney bowls, transportation carts.


  • Self cleaning washing chamber with 45° tilting floor
  • Minimized water consumption due to reuse of heat and water
  • Minimized piping and ventilation costs
  • A0 controlled water tank
  • Premium insultation of chamber and doors. Doors are built in sound proof tempered glass and open horizontally

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External dimensions H: 266 W: 244,7 D: 265 cm
Dimensions wash chamber H:200 W:126 D: 245 cm
Doors Glass, thermo, soundproof and tempered
Wash and rinsing programs 9 programs with up to 9 phases
Programs & washing consumption Rinsing: Approx. 75L / No recycling
Wash: Approx. 75 L / No recycling
Disinfection: Recycling of water
Drying: Approx. 50L / recycling of water
Drying: Approx. 50L / recycling of water
Pump capacity 283 L / min. / 2,5kW
Air filter HEPA H14
Filter washing & rinsing Disposable tube filter
Power connection Standard: 3N~400V, 50Hz/63A
Connected load/Initial fuse Standard: 9,9kW/16 A
Water connection Cold: 3/4" RG/pressure 200-800kPa/5-30°/Hardness 0-3°dH
Warm: 3/4"RG/pressure: 200-800kPa/5-70°/Hardness 0-3°dH
Heating element for water pressure and drying 18kW
Heating element for water tank 9kW
Compressed air 3-8 bar
Capacity water tank 175L
Chemicals Standard designed for 3 different chemicals
Sound level Approx. 60 dB
Washing, disinfection and drying all in one, with very economical operating costs


  • Preventive maintencance
  • Service subscription or Total Service
  • Quick emergency service in the event of shutdown


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