KEN IWD 2211

Versatile, flexible solution

KEN IWD 2211 is a new generation of washer disinfectors, available both as put-through machines and with one door. The put-through model ensures effective separation of the unclean and clean side, thereby optimising the hygiene level and reducing the risk of hospital infections.
The machine has an elegant, clean-line Danish design.

KEN IWD 2211 can wash at up to 2 levels and is mainly recommended for wards with wash basins, flower vases and the like.


  • Thermoglass door as standard
  • User-friendly control panel ensures correct operation
  • Programmes etc. shown in the display in plain language
  • Possibility for individual programme choice. 4 programmes as standard
  • Process Indication Bar shows how far the programme has come
  • Double monitoring of temperature (EN/ISO 15883)
  • Possible selection of intelligent, maintenance-free drying module
  • Possible connection of up to 4 types of chemicals - 2 as standard
  • Able to have printer connected for optimum process documentation
  • Lockable lower compartment for keeping chemicals - up to 4 x 5 l containers

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Power connection (standard) 3 x 400 V,N,J, 50Hz
Connected load/pre-fuse 6,5kW/10A
Water connection Cold untreated water: 1 pcs., ¾” RG, 5-30 gr.C, 0-30 gr.dH
Water connection Hot soft water: 1 pcs., ¾” RG, 30-70 gr.C, 0-3 gr.dH
Water connection Demin. water: (Extra) 1 pcs., ¾” RG 5-70 gr.C
Water pressure 200-800 kPa
Outlet valve Ø 50
Water amount (approx.) per. intake 11 l
Ventilation (if supplied with drying module) Ø 70, 100 m3/hour
Drying module HEPA filter class S, 5000 - 6000 hours life cycle
Washing arms Washing arms are detachable and can be disassembled for cleaning
Pump capacity 270 l/min.
Free depth 2 doors 550 mm
Free depth 1 door 560 mm
Free width without central level 510 mm
Noise level approx. 59-64 dBa (sound pressure)
Sealing class IP 21 (not scavenger-proof)
Steel Quality Stainless steel quality AISI 316


The machine has built-in KEN Quality control for optimum reliability. It demands a quality assurance check every 24 hours as well as servicing after 2,500 washes. The construction is service-friendly, with easy access to all components.
All KEN machines conform to present EU Directives, and all hospital machines have been constructed on the basis of EN ISO 15883, including, for example, the testing of its cleaning capacity according to SIS-TR 3:2001 (formerly SPRI).
You can also read bout KEN´s Internet-based Quality assurance concept at
In addition, KEN offers subsequent Hospital service on tel. +45 70 10 20 92:

  • Preventive maintencance
  • Service subscription or Total Service
  • Quick emergency service in the event of shutdown


Below are examples of accessories/equipment for this machine. Look for equipment with the aid of the equipment selector below, or contact KEN for information about further possible equipment, including customised special solutions.

Item no.: 8300154
Basket for 6 washing bowls
Item no.: 8300189
Insertion for 5 wash basins type B for basket 8300161
Item no.: 8300161
Wire basket in stainless steel without separation
Item no.: 8300392
Insert for utensils incl. 3 baskets - compatible for IWD 2211/2311
Item no.: 8300393
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