Professional solutions for washing and disinfection at hospitals, laboratories, restaurants/canteens and the pharma- and food industry.

Process Solutions

KEN provides customized solutions that cover many different needs for washing equipment in the food & pharma industry

Hotels, Restaurants and Catering

Dishwashers for the Danish market is handled by our subsidiary KENstorkøkken. All export markets are handled by KEN A/S - please contact the sales department.

News about KEN A/S

News about KEN A/S.

KEN staff interviewed on TV2/Fyn

Quality assurance in sluice rooms

A simple, user-friendly system that ensures the quality of the disinfecting wash.

Find your KEN dealer

Your KEN dealer can help you all the way - from pinpointing your requirements to the end-solution.

Service and support

Fast and efficient service is important if your machine shuts down